Week 2 – Come On Out Japan!

Week 2 marks the beginning of my teaching in Japan. I am apprehensive and worried about my confidence levels. Luckily, this first week has SO many students that the interns are grouped in co-teaching teams of 4. This makes the week go by insanely fast.


We worked together to make presentations mostly. The three main presentations are about the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the United Nations Sustainability Goals, and a solo 5 minute presentation about their Life Mission. All in English. These kids are so brave and smart to be able to handle talking for 8 hours a day in their second language about such important and heavy topics. I was honestly blown away.


My co teachers all worked really well with each other, and allowed us to give our 3 students a lot of attention. Naohiro, Hiroyoshi, and Ryuki were amazingly bright students whose English level was good enough to get a lot out of the program. I certainly am not ashamed to say I cried at the last day, having bonded with these kids so much.



The interns also had to present about their University (Go Blue!) and about their own Life Missions. It was heart-poundingly terrifying for me to do public speaking. This week really pushed me to my limits and my comfort zone but I am glad I came to Japan to do this because it would have just been another boring summer where I didn’t learn and grow like I should always be striving to do.


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