Week 5 – Come On Out Japan!

Week 5 brought to me another week teaching with Lexy, as well as my most outgoing student, Shingo. Shingo was really special because he was the first student I had who was not shy about having lengthy and self-motivated conversations in English. We had really interesting conversations about his hobbies and academic interests. Namely his desire to be an entrepreneur and also his love for street dancing.


His life mission is to be like the creator of SoftBank, Masayoshi Son, who was so bold in his idea to team up with Steve Jobs for complete exclusivity to sell iPhones as a deal to save his company. Shingo admired Masayoshi Son’s boldness in making huge decisions and potential risks in order to save his company. Although Shingo doesn’t know what kind of product he will make or sell, he is confident in his dreams to be bold and help people around the world by providing a product or service that is desperately needed. I greatly respect Shingo for this.


Additionally, Shingo has excellent taste in music and can street dance. He and another student, after the final day, danced together to KPop music in front of the whole class. The other student, Yuta, had a life mission which involved dancing on the platform in front of trains and going viral on the internet. They both had so much energy and had unusual/atypical life missions that this particular week of teaching was quite refreshing.


Usually it can feel like going through the motions, especially if the students aren’t interested. Teaching is incredibly draining, and the hour and a half commute to and from work everyday made it quite difficult to maintain good energy levels. ESPECIALLY when you are trying to explore Japan as a tourist. Working 60 hours a week and attempting to venture out through Tokyo and wanting to get acceptable levels of sleep was nearly impossible. I usually opted for 2-3 days a week of going straight home after work just to get good sleep. Truly, the most important thing I’ve learned this trip is finding a good work-life balance.

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