Week 6 – Come On Out Japan!

Week 6. The final week. What a roller coaster of emotions and stress and lack of sleep this trip has been. Many, many, really cool things have happened on this trip. I went to Hakone, saw the phosphorus mountain, walked around Asakusa and saw the Pagoda, ventured out and around Shinjuku for ramen and curry + naan, wandered through the many shopping areas of Harajuku, visited the overly crowded Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro, ogled and purchased retro video games and manga in Akihabara, visiting the Mori Digital Art Museum in Odaiba        , foolishly walked overnight to the Tsukiji Fish Market, found cozy bookstores and cafes aplenty in Shibuya, and even got to see the biggest and best fireworks display and festival in Niigata. There are endless things to do in Tokyo. One would need a lifetime or two to do and find everything.


The other interns of this program were the best part by far. Doing all of the above things were fun, but only because of the company I had the honor of surrounding myself with. In no particular order, Lachlan, Justin, Nadege, Josh, Clara, Amy, Lexy, Caitlin, Gordon, Sammi, Eugenia, and Brooke, are just a few of the many friends I made this trip. People I hope to stay connected to beyond our departures from Japan.

Learning about all of their life missions, their interests, and the things they have accomplished in life was always endlessly fascinating. Lachlan was born in Australia, raised in Sweden, and went to Scotland and Cambridge for university to study Pure Mathematics. Not to mention he was a model and a professional swimmer. Caitlin knows many languages, and was part of an effort to create the first English-Icelandic dictionary. I am really excited to hear all about their lives and the cool things they accomplish. This trip has been amazing and while it wasn’t without some struggles, namely proper self-care in a new country on a ridiculously over-packed schedule, I had the time of my life and I hope to visit Japan again and all my new friends across the world.

One thought on “Week 6 – Come On Out Japan!

  • September 4, 2018 at 11:58 am

    Thank you so much for sharing this summer! It sounds like you had an amazing experience in Tokyo. I picked up on a few important trends while reading through your blog posts. Right away I could see that the internship was a practice for you in overcoming anxiety around public speaking. I see that you rose to the challenge!

    This internship also seemed to have given you a more informed sense of empathy for others and understanding of different learning styles and levels of comprehension for the English language. If this is a field you are interested in pursuing, overcoming those challenges will be critical to helping everyone learn.

    I was thrilled to hear that the internship helped you realize the importance of work/life balance. As you progress personally and professionally, achieving that balance will be vital to your happiness. I hope that you consider balance when pursuing internship and full-time experiences moving forward.

    Lastly, you expressed such positivity when describing the new relationships you made in Japan. I am so happy to hear that you left your internship with lifelong connections. Thanks again for sharing this summer. I hope that you come and visit us in the Hub this academic year. Our team can help you discover what’s next in your journey. – Jake


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