#3 | Deep Diving

On a day to day basis I spend my time completing tasks for my team, grabbing coffee with full-time employees to learn more about their role, and most importantly attending training sessions where members of different divisions came to speak to the interns about their role at the bank. These sessions allowed both the sophomore and junior summer analysts to truly get a feel of the various products offered across capital markets. These sessions provided me a crash course on different products and it seemed like after every one I left with a new dream job.

These sessions also served to offer up incredible academic and career advice. Whether it be which courses to take to gain the skills necessary to succeed with a product or simply learning how important attention to detail was, I gained an entire notebook filled with wisdoms. Attending these sessions also gave me an opportunity to learn more about my intern class. I learned their favorite products and listened as they asked complex questions about the materials. At times, these questions would even lead to everyone furiously scribbling down every word being said. Another great aspect of these “deep dives” was the professional network they opened up. Everyone who hosted a session gave us their contact information and would often let interns shadow their desk to learn more. The shadowing in conjunction with these training sessions were both incredible learning opportunities for me and I am extremely grateful.  


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