#4 | Adjusting to the City

After a bad trip to New York City my freshman year of high school I vowed to never live in the city. Fast forward five years and I’m on the phone with a family friend learning more about the commute from Crown Heights, Brooklyn to the Financial District of Manhattan. I was excited to start my internship but I couldn’t shake the nerves I felt whenever I thought about living in the city. I’m no stranger to cities; I spent the previous summer living and interning in Washington DC. However, I live about 30 minutes away from DC so I always had the option to come home if I felt overwhelmed but New York was a lot further than 30 minutes.


Lucky enough for me, I had a built-in friend group in the city before I even moved in. I ended up living in a cute Brooklyn brownstone with my neighbor from my freshman year dorm which brought a piece of U of M with me. The day we moved in we explored our neighborhood, ate incredible Mexican food, and navigated the difficulties of ubering back from the grocery store in 90 degree heat. I also spent my time outside of my internship with members of my professional fraternity, Kappa Alpha Pi. Throughout our recruitment process we mention how close our membership is but I truly realized it as I spent almost every weekend with other members. Some members that were interning in DC even came up and spent the weekend with us! Having friends from school really made a huge city feel much more homey and I could see myself spending more summers or even years in NYC now.

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