#4 New Connections

I have been working with many paramedics and emergency medical technicians throughout the duration of my internship. I never realized how much work they contribute to the community until I started working with them. I have also had the chance to meet many police officers, fire fighters, and other individuals in public safety. I have been learning so much about the individuals and their jobs, which I never was really interested in before starting my internship. It is so crucial for not only children, but for adults to be comfortable and have knowledge about these careers because they are the ones who protect our lives every single day.

Working with my boss has also been a positive experience for me. From the beginning he has been very approachable, which makes it easy for me when I need help. I have felt comfortable asking questions and working at my own pace; he has been patient with me as I continue to learn. I am very grateful for the connections I have made so far interning for Emergent Health Partners.

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