#5 | Finding a Network

In my last blog post I reflected on the benefits of having friends in a new city and how that made it feel more like home. Although I spent a good amount of time with people that I had met through school, I also tried to create a network that wasn’t solely from Ann Arbor. By the end of the summer this network included people I had met with similar nationalities, interests, or simply just people I met in my neighborhood that eased the stress of adjusting to a new area.

I took the subway to work everyday and my ride normally lasted about 20 minutes. Thanks to the family friend I was living with I knew to buy my passes every 30 days for a fixed rate so I’d have unlimited rides throughout the month. Through her I also learned the ins and outs of Brooklyn as well as easy ways to make living in the city affordable to college students. Another guiding presence I met through my internship at lunch one day. I recognized a familiar accent and asked where she was from only to find out she was from Barbados, just like my mom. After finding this out we spoke daily and learned that they were from the same neighborhood! She always told me about events going on in the city with other Barbadian immigrants. A network doesn’t always have to be completely professional to be beneficial during your internship. Sometimes it can just be filled with people in your life that make your day to day a bit easier.


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