#5 Growth

I think that when going into a career path related to community relations/community engagement it is very important to be confident and have interpersonal skills. When talking to and meeting new people I always had to be aware of how I will impact them and how they will impact me. I always try to make and plan for positive experiences, and so far everyone I have met has contributed to this. Thankfully, I have already had experience working with other adults, as well as children. I really enjoy working with people, so working for Emergent Health Partners has been a great fit for me.

What has been the most difficult is working with large groups of children. Although I have worked with kids in the past, being with bigger groups has been a different experience. Some kids need more attention than others, or some have allergies or medications that need to be taken, which is sometimes difficult to remember when there is so much going on all the time. I have to learn how to adjust myself to better suit the needs of them. While it has been a new, challenging experience, I still love working with kids, and I feel that working with children is something I may pursue in the future as I consider possible occupations.

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