#5 Ideas! Ideas! Ideas! Release Them!

So, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this is previous posts but I cannot get over how open the Quicken Loans community is. At the beginning of the internship, they will sale you on this idea that you matter. Constantly reiterating that they want to hear from you, you may still only partially believe them. Too often, people don’t mean what they say. As young people, our ideas are often overlooked because we can’t know what we’re talking about yet..right? WRONG! The beauty in a lot of decisions that we make in our youth stem from our ignorance. Think about it. We cannot limit our imagination by things (rules, “that’s just the way it is”, ect) that we have yet to experience.

Bottom line, please believe that your ideas matter. Throughout my internship, I expressed my opinions openly and without shame. What I did not do, is offer up solutions and new ideas. I thought that a company as successful as Quicken Loans must have already had it all figured out. That is my biggest regret of the summer. From this experience I have learned to believe in my ideas, whether they are a hit or a miss. So if you have the honor of interning at Quicken Loans in the near future, please, set your beautiful ideas free!

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