#6 A Powerful Farewell

A lot has happened for me in one summer. I sometimes feel as if I am a completely new person. My internship in the greatest city in the world, DETROIT, has ended. Before it, I thought that the point of internships was to learn skills and build connections. Don’t get me wrong, those are crucial advantages of completing an internship so please make those goals of yours. I would also dare to add, finding yourself. I learned so much about myself thanks to this extraordinary experience. What’s insane, is I didn’t even have to leave home to do it.

The atmosphere of my company was not at all what I expected, many people have agreed with me on that as well. It was the perfect internship for me because I was able to see a company that seemed boring and straightforward on the outside, be so much more on the inside. It has encouraged my original belief that I don’t have to do things a certain way, simply because it’s the way things have always been done. I will fearlessly live my life the way that I feel is best for me and I will embrace the consequences of those actions. Thank you QL, for granting me this inner power.

Til next time,

Carlena T.

One thought on “#6 A Powerful Farewell

  • August 31, 2018 at 1:44 pm

    Hi Carlena – thank you for these final reflections on your experiences at Quicken Loans. It sounds as though you had an amazing, enriching, and enlightening experience! (and the picture you posted conveys that too!) Your insights about mentorship, the power of connection, sharing ideas boldly, and getting to know the inner workings of an organization will all serve you well as you continue to pursue new opportunities.

    As of this post, you’ve met your blogging requirements for the summer. When you’re back on campus, please know you are welcome to stop by the Hub to discuss how you can represent your accomplishments on your resume, LinkedIn, or in the networking conversations you mentioned here. I hope you’ve been enjoying some downtime in the time since your internship wrapped up!


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