Approaching the Finish Line | #5

Now that the summer is nearing the end and my internship is soon coming to a close, I’m seeing the growth that I’ve gone through in terms of professional experience. This being my first internship, I’ve had to learn a lot. To me, it seems that no matter how much you prepare yourself, there will come some unexpected turns in your work.

For anyone that’s planning on interning in the near future, just now that it’s okay to hit some bumps in the road, because they will give you some of the most important career lessons. You will never know when a student comes to your gallery asking to have their artwork put down so they can take it to another exhibition in another city while the whole time you were planning to transfer it to a gallery across town, and you won’t predict that an artwork will be delayed in its transfer and that you will have to improvise a new exhibition arrangement. However, how you respond to sudden changes will give you an opportunity to flex your critical thinking skills and improvisation. While I’m still tying the loose ends to my work here in Rijeka, I have also done some reflection on the past few weeks, and I am grateful for the chances I’ve had to think on my feet while working so that I can better prepare myself for situations “in the real world” (i.e post-graduation).

So as a final message, to all future interns, expect the unexpected. There will always be something heading your way and you may not have planned for it, but if you stay level-headed, you may find new, creative solutions in your work and no matter the case you will grow from it.

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