Better Late than Never: First Few Weeks

Hello All,

It’s Destini again! The first few weeks of my internship were really interesting to say the least. I walked in on my first day and my boss says, “Let’s get to planning. Here is your office, some past files, and let me know if you have any questions.” My coworker and I were really confused because we received no real direction and we had no idea how to start. This was really frustrating to me because I am a very structured and organized person, so I really wanted to make a plan but I didn’t have much information to work with. I also found that my boss and I were going to bump heads a bit. He doesn’t like to tell you how he wants things to be done, so it creates conflict when he changes the work that you have done. I thought that the work environment would be totally different from what it was, but I was still excited to do the work that I was tasked to do.

On the bright side, our boss took us to the Beyond the Ivory Tower Conference. It was an amazing event that allowed us to gain insight about the different research happening in and around the city of Detroit, and how this research is creating change for the residents. Hearing from people that are well known in the research and being able to network with them was amazing, and I am truly grateful that I was given the opportunity to attend.

Overall, the first few weeks were great. Detroit is a city that I know fairly well because my family is from there. However, we had an awesome tour of the city and I learned some new things about the city that make it even more special for me.


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