Better Late than Never: Leadership Lessons

Hello All!

It’s Destini again. This blog is about a topic that I really struggle with sometimes: leadership. I have always been the type of person that just wants to get things done the right way. I have never been the person who will step up and take charge of a group because I feel as though I am better at picking up the slack and following directions. I don’t see that as a bad thing, but many people really highlight the importance of being a leader. Over the summer, I found myself stepping into the role of a leader and really understanding what it meant to have that role.

As I mentioned, I was tasked with planning and evaluating a health fair for the residents of the Parkside community. Along with my co-intern, we really had to make this project our own with little intervention. We did the planning work, we led a planning committee, we made decisions, and we led and directed everyone on the day of the event. Throughout all of that, I learned that being a leader wasn’t just giving orders. I learned that being a leader i using the power of your position to encourage, motivate, and direct others to achieve whatever you set out to do. I learned that there is no set definition of what a leader is. I learned that being leader does not mean that you won’t sometimes need guidance. I learned that being a leader does not mean that you always have to have it all together. I learned that I have the ability to be a great leader!

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