Blog Post #6: My favorite memory

This blog post will be quite the cliche; “I went to Europe and found myself.” I spent the last year mostly in a whirlwind; my first year of college, I almost lost my sister, and many other big events that impacted me in a lot of mental and physical ways. I gave up mostly on my passions of writing and art. I did become very passionate about education, but one of my goals used to always be to publish pieces of prose and poetry and for the most part last year, I had given up on that dream. My favorite memory from my trip was when I realized I had filled up two notebooks worth of writing, most of which I really enjoyed and felt good about. I felt enlivened. I could clear my head and really begin to express what I had been trying to for months.

Looking back now, I feel so much growth that I have been holding on to and continuing after returning home. I have continued to write, put my new found experience and knowledges about education into my policy and mentorship work, and build stronger relationships with my friends and family at home. Introspection and the ability to take time to self-reflect, analyze, and examine my own experiences and how I affect the world around me gave me the chance to find passion again in things I used to hold so dear to my heart and the ability to slow down and work on myself if I lose that passion again.

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