Bringing a Little Bit of Umich to the 616 | #4

My favorite experience during this internship has by far been the day I lead a mental health workshop. As a member of Delta Tau Lambda Sorority, Inc. I had the privilege of leading a workshop for my students which focused on the topic of mental health. The workshop focused on defining what mental health was, what types of mental disorders exist, and how to destigmatize conversations about mental health in communities of color.

The experience was so amazing because I was able to share a lot of my own knowledge with my students and many of them had never talked about mental health before. The workshop was full of games and activities which all focused on different aspects of mental health, and at the end of the workshop the students broke off into groups and presented the information they had learned to the other groups.

This was such a memorable experience for me because I was able to lead a workshop which I never pictured myself being good at. I was able to grow from this and realize that I love public speaking and educating people. I think that this particular experience may help me in finding a career path that best suits me.

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