CourtRoom Procedures

One of the most interesting and important things I have learned is the way in which attorneys address issues in the courtroom and then procedure of the courtroom. Although the rules may not always be followed its something typically everyone follows. First there is an opening statement from prosecution where some of the findings of the case are presented and what they hope the outcome will be. Next, defense can make opening statement that opposes that of the prosecution and mainly describes what they would like. Then prosecution presents evidence which can be video, clothing, papers,  or weapons. A part of the evidence can even be a witness. Which then allows defense cross examined witness from prosecution and if defense has a witness when they can present and exam the witness. The same opportunity for defense to cross examine the prosecutor’s witness is offered to the prosecution. Lastly, both the prosecution and defense make their closing statements which raps everything together and its where a lot of the arguments are made as far as I have observed.


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