End of Internship #6

It is almost hard to fathom how fast the summer flew by, and yet soon enough classes will begin again. Returning to campus, and more specifically classes, will be different I believe due to the wealth of experience I gained over the summer at my internship. As is the case with many classes I take there is an increasing importance on group work both in terms of grades and class content itself. Prior to this summer I thought I was a fairly effective team player, and even a good leader when it made sense for me to step up to the plate or simply support my classmates. At an internship there is a much higher sense of urgency given the nature of the work and the direct outcome on business and ultimately the bottom line. While school work also demands a high degree of attention I believe my work this summer pushed me to be more efficient and cognizant of the needs of those around me — I look forward to putting this skill set to work.

I am excited to head back to class, but there are many things I will miss from the summer that I will try to incorporate into my academic experience — one of those things being schedule. While I have previously mentioned that my work had a lot of variability and at times involved long hours, it was nice to work roughly the same time each day and have a bit of a routine down. Prior to this summer even though I consider myself organized it seems like college has always involved making weird meeting times that make it difficult to do things like go to the gym at a certain time each day or even eat a meal at around the same time. I understand this is part of the nature of the beast, but nonetheless going forward I plan to make sure I am on top of my schedule so that I always have time for important things even if the time has to be flexible. Overall, I am very thankful for my experience this summer and I look forward to pursuing an opportunity for next summer that will continue to broaden my horizons. Thank you very much.

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