Favorite Experience

My favorite experience interning at the KEDGE Business School is meeting Marion Coste. Marion is the third person whom I met in France, and one of the first to put effort into starting a friendship together and helping me explore Marseille. I still remember the first day I met her at the school library, where she stood writing something business related at the checkout counter, looking all spiffy in professional attire. I approached the counter with my laptop to request the wifi password for the school, and when I passed my computer over to the receptionist, she noticed my “Listen More Judge Less” UofM sticker right below the keyboard. Marion started introducing herself, and explained that she had lived near Detroit when she was younger and how much she loves our university. In turn, I explained where I was from and how I came to KEDGE with the university, emphasizing my very recent landing in the city. She was so friendly during the entire conversation, showing keen interest in everything I said.


This was to be one of our many conversations concerning everything from the principles of the KEDGE Business School to Kim Kardashian’s fashion style. Really listening to another person, especially in our age of technological distraction, is one of the most sincere ways to show you’re putting forth effort into getting to know someone. This is exactly what Marion offered me on that first of many days together in Marseille, and I am forever grateful for it. After spending 13+ hours on two different planes and another hour on a quite hectic car ride from the airport through the great city of Marseille, I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to meet someone right away who wanted to introduce me to all that the city has to offer, who wanted to know more about me, my friends, my hobbies, my life in the states, and who also wanted to guide me through the rougher parts of Marseille, or advise me on the best places to get groceries, and how to get around in general. Marion was a life saver, in this sense. Donc, merci Marion !!


This is Marion and me on the roof of MUCEM, France’s first national museum outside of Paris. Behind us is the very large and very famous ferris wheel of Vieux Port.

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