Final Thoughts | Working for a Nonprofit #6

I can’t believe that fall semester starts in few days! It has been an incredible summer, full of exciting events. I started this internship hoping to develop new practical skills, and I’m grateful for everything that I learned. I don’t think that I will pursue a main career in nonprofits sector, but interacting with nonprofits made me realize that there is a lot of potential for technological development in this field. These organizations usually try to minimize management and overhead expenses, to make sure that the donations go directly to benefit their projects. Only 2% of the donations are used to cover management and overhead expenses, while 98% go directly to benefit the causes. However, I believe that spending money on developing new technological solutions for expansion, would benefit the projects in the long term. Including AI to assist donors for example, would make their website’s interface more user-friendly. Creating a documented web series about their work-fields is another way of involving donors.
The latest technological feature we used was 3d VR videos. In the last convention, the organization displayed a video of Syrian refugees talking about their unfortunate circumstances from inside their small tent. This year, the organization is trying to shed light on several local and international issues, including draught areas in Somalia. I came up with the idea of building a 3d virtual interactive activity. The donors would wear the 3d VR headset, and they’ll try to grab water from a well and take it back to the virtual village. It’s usually a 3 hours trip in reality, but we will make it a 25 mins long activity. They will see the desert, the wild animals, the long and dangerous path that takes patience and persistence to finish the trip. I hope that it would help people understand the harsh reality that some people face daily.

It was an amazing and beneficial experience and I am very grateful for that opportunity.

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  • September 1, 2018 at 7:57 am

    Abrar, I am so glad you had an enjoyable experience at your internship this summer, sounds like you really got to understand the workings behind the scenes at a non-profit, and it helped provide some clarity for your career path. Kudos! The VR experience sounds so powerful and I hope it makes an impact. I hope you have a great wrap up to your time at Mercy-USA, and have a fabulous start to the semester. Thank you for the window into your world this summer, and I hope to meet you in the Hub this fall.


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