Getting Started

This is the first week of my internship in the Edelstein Laboratory! Specifically managing the Interaction Study as a Lab Manager and Senior Research Assistant. This opportunity excites me because the Interaction Study has been a project that I am passionate about and have been working on for the past year as a Research Assistant. As a Research Assistant, I have mostly just interacted with the participants and collected data. However, this summer, I will be recruiting and scheduling participants while managing the new team of 10 Research Assistants and assigning them work. Hopefully, the Interaction Study will be completed by the end of the summer and I can start on my own research paper! I’m thrilled to practice managing a laboratory and learning about the completion of the research process of hormones and relationships. I also hope that this internship will act as a stepping stone to my own research and presentation at an Psychology conference later this year.

I will be working closely with the graduate students and PI of this lab who will teach me how to manage the research assistants. I am concerned about this challenge because I am younger than some of the Research Assistants and I worry they will not respect me. The challenge I am looking forward to the most, however, is developing my own research question and data analysis! Perhaps I will be able to present at the SPSP conference! I know I am getting ahead of myself but I am so excited, I just cannot help it!

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