Goodbye… For Now | #5

So, as my time with my students began to come to an end I started to reflect on my internship and the things that I had learned while working for the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan. Since this wasn’t my first rodeo with the Center I went in feeling very confident about myself and my ability to perform well. However, things got really rocky when my supervisor left the organization unexpectedly and I didn’t have anyone to guide me and suddenly others were looking to me for answers. I wish I had gone into the experience with a little more caution and a little less cocky about myself. With time, however, I became better at leading others and answering questions which I didn’t think would happen.

If a friend of mine, or even myself, were to do this internship I think I would encourage them to pitch their ideas and offer their perspective. There were many times when my group ran into problems and I would have a potential solution but I felt to self conscious to share it with others. Eventually I learned that keeping quiet was doing more harm for my group than good. I would also encourage them to create strong relationships with as many students as possible. I said goodbye to my students a few days ago since I am leaving for my study abroad experience and many of them let me know that they were going to miss me and that they wouldn’t have had so much fun if it wasn’t for me.


I am already excited to come back in a month and hear about all of the amazing things they will do while I am gone. I am also super excited to attend their Summer Learning Academy Graduation Ceremony and see my students’ parents once again. These kids have change my life and I will never forget some of the lessons they have taught me. I can’t wait to see them when I come back!

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