Graduation! | #4

For the past two weeks, students have been developing a final project with other classmates and today they will present these projects to their classmates, families, friends, and Autodesk employees. There aren’t very many limitations to final projects, students have the ability to create anything they want with any programming language as long as they are able to finish it the day before graduation. My teaching staff and I decided to group the girls based on their interests and favorite subjects taught over the summer, we thought this would be a daunting task but the 6 groups we formed turned out amazing! Here are short summaries of the projects my students created and links so you can see them too:

1. Humapitarian
This website aims to educate others about issues around the world and help users donate their resources to mitigate the various conflicts. The Humapitarian group did a lot of researching and when you click on a country, information related to human right issues specific to that country is displayed.

This website recommends restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area and includes recipes as well! The members of this team loved the web development week and the classroom as a whole loves snacking in Autodesk’s kitchens so it’s no surprise that food was the center of at least one project!

3. Immigration
This website educates youth about immigration and provides aid for immigrating into the United States. The amount of research that these three students put into this project is outstanding and is reflected in the final version of their website as it’s informative and accessible.

4. Key To My Peace
This website addresses different areas of self-care! All of the members of this group listed self-care as an interest so when they joined together for the first time they were able to move through ideas quickly! Some of its features include a calendar that shows motivating messages, a water tracker to ensure that users are hydrated, and a plant simulation that encourages personal growth.

5. Major Station
This is a website directed at people who are in college or are thinking of attending. The students created a quiz that uses a user’s skills, habits, and interests to suggest major options. They also show statistics about majors and career options so that users can make informed decisions.

6. Student Resources
This website that brings awareness to the challenges that young students of color face and provides solutions to those issues. It was inspired by the challenges that the creators have faced as students of color and the goal of the website is to inspire girls to pursue their goals and reach success.

If you’d like to see more projects from other Girls Who Code students, check out the project page!


The projects were finished yesterday so that they could create their presentations and display boards today, set up their projects at Autodesk’s gallery (which is open to the public) and practice the sequence of events for the ceremony. As we waited for guests to arrive, the students showed their projects to visitors and all of the students were excited to present their projects! I remember how nervous I was before I presented my Girls Who Code final project but after I finished, I received a lot of support from my peers, teachers, and people in the audience. After all the guests arrived, we began the ceremony with speeches from Minette Norman (VP Engineering Practice at Autodesk) and Arezoo Riahi (Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Business Partner at Autodesk). Then the students presented their projects and after the groups finished the teaching staff gave them their certificates!

I’m incredibly proud of their final projects and the effort they put into learning this summer. Learning to code is already difficult enough, but in 5 weeks my students developed the skills necessary to create a project from scratch!

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