Grand Central Market – Post #5

My most memorable food moment throughout my internship with Gavin Newsom in Los Angeles, California has to be the time where half of our office went on our lunch break in downtown LA. We actually intended to attend a protest rally against Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his part in separating immigrant children from their families at the national border. We attended for about half an hour and walked past Grand Central Market on our way to the bus station after the rally. Grand Central Market is a very popular tourist destination in Los Angeles, and we took our opportunity to grab some lunch at one of the best spots in LA. I chose to get some pupusas, a Salvadorean dish. They were extremely delicious. While eating lunch, I talked amongst my co-workers about our pasts and where we came from. It was an enlightening conversation. This definitely stuck out as one of the more memorable days in my internship, and was by far the best food moment from my internship.

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