Immigration Attorney #6

  • How has this internship influenced your (near) future school, career, or life plans?


My internship working with Catholic Charities in their program created to help international trafficking victims helped push me further in pursuing a law degree. During my time, we mainly focused on social work type activities, such as helping out clients with finances, connecting them with health services, and employment. While there, I realized that all my work was being done in the interim period before our clients obtained visas to stay in the U.S. Because this process can take so long, we often have clients for 9 months before we can’t help them anymore.

The inefficiency in the legal system regarding immigration, and especially that of the immigration of trafficking victims, has continued to inspire me to go into the study of law and focus on that of immigration and human rights. I hope that with my future degree I may help immigrants make an easier, quicker transition to life in the U.S., without all the fear and waiting that my clients this summer had to deal with. If I am able to lend my services to trafficking survivors, or victims of other crimes, in their move to the U.S., I will do whatever I can to follow through.

I believe I can offer a much-needed service to these people, and my internship has inspired me in moving forward with these plans, as well as served to push me further toward the legal profession. My last day at my internship was a bit surreal, and it felt as if I had just arrived. I couldn’t imagine not coming to work the next Monday, and seeing my empty desk was difficult. But since then, I have looked forward, into the future, for what’s next to come for me.

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