Internship Post #1

Although I have completed my internship about a month, having space where I can reflect about the internship allows me to take in a better observation about events that have transpired and what shaped my perspective differently than expected. I worked at LINC UP Community Revitalization center located near the south-east of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is more of a grassroots organization where the people, local residents, are the source of power and change. I decided to engage in such an organization because it would give me a better introduction into what can be accomplished at a local scale and clarify how these organizations extract their ideas from the community. Additionally, it was working with my neighborhood, making the experience personal to an extent.

At first, it was intimidating collaborating with people significantly older than me with numerous years of significant education, diverse experience and, first-hand involvement. Prior to attending the internship my first-hand experience with my community was limited to my attendance at city hall meetings. My parents are not political thus all the information I had derived from school classes and city hall meetings. Yet, neither of that knowledge coincided because all my school classes focused on the bigger picture and the city hall meetings were narrowed to what was happening in Grand Rapids. Both worked to my advantage because I had some sort of knowledge of what challenges I would possibly address throughout my internship. Despite my self-sense of ignorance of the political field, I decided that this internship was an adequate place to commence my political endeavors.

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