Internship Post #3

This is a more personal post: speaking about the atmosphere of my job. LINC UP is a fairly small organization with staff adding up to about ten to fifteen people. As mentioned previously it was intimidating working with people significantly older than me and with more experience. However, after talking to all work members and finding more about their lives within and outside of work I felt more understanding of who they are. Once every two weeks, we would all have lunch at our local gallery and eat outside at the picnic table. Other moments included when every second Tuesday of the month we would be meet at the gallery and debrief about what the city commission meetings would encounter before heading to downtown.

My favorite event was the annual Rock The Block meeting. It is a festival with local food, kids games, live music and a plethora of booths ranging from school information to clubs and much more. The purpose is for the community to have a fun engaging time fit for all ages located within the community. Rock The Block is developed and organized by LINC UP with the support of sponsors and volunteers. Previously I had attended the festival but this year it was amazing to be part of the team that actually composed the event and volunteer. I was in charge of the Kids Zone which was a blast because it was exciting to see children and their parents enjoying themselves. Overall there were several moments that allowed me to connect better with my coworkers.

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