Internship Post #4

Throughout the course of time at LINC UP, my job did not consist solely on passing the new non-discrimination city ordinance; it varied. I took on tasks such as covering for the front desk, attending city hall meetings, and other minor tasks. Working at the front desk was an interesting experience but I do not see myself doing such a task in the future by choice. However, it allowed me to familiarize myself with more with what services LINC UP offers such their two-year waitlist for housing and their events such as discounted vaccination for pets from the area. Additionally I discovered various services offered through LINC UP such as employment opportunities (job fairs). Sometimes I was put in difficult situation when some community members would be upset because someone from the office was not returning their urgent calls or when I could not access information that was above my position, however I tried my best to serve all as good as possible and to the best of my ability. My experience was limited since I only took on front desk about twice a week.

When preparing for the bi-weekly city hall meetings I continuously gained information about on going events transpiring in Grand Rapids such as the pursuit for the elimination of the housing application fee. This was by far a topic that caught my interest which I had never previously heard of before. The conversation stated how unfairly applicants were charged for applying to housing with the fees ranging form $15 to $70 (but not limited to). Although landlord claim to use this money to run background checks on the applicants it is not only overpriced, but there is no guarantee that the applicant will even be considered if someone else who signed up earlier than the applicant and was given the housing. Gladly the fee was eliminated. This is one of my favorites issues that were addressed because although it seems like a minor low-scale problem it impacts greatly applicants especially those coming from a low-income background.

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