Internship Post #5

I am dedicating this post to reflect on my personal growth and social growth. Socially I feel more unapologetic about my political stances and the actions I take to implement my point of views but remain open with the fact that I have something positive to learn about everyone. Although I am not completely secure in who I am in the political arena, I hope to gradually, and with experiences, to get to a point where I am sure of my values and point of views as but remain open to new thoughts. Personally, I hope to not contribute to the polarization of ideas but rather construct a more understanding and communicative community where progress can be achieved at a faster pace than modern society.

Personally, I have yet to discover who I am in a political setting. With friends and family, I am secure of how I carry myself, however, I am like a deer in headlights. I get nervous interacting with people who I deem important and my mind blanks out over what subjects to converse about. Although I understand that we are all people and we are all only human; I constantly focus on making a great first impression and trying to let people know that I am serious about my work.

I experienced more growth studying abroad than I did working locally but that gave me the inspiration of looking into studying abroad in Washington. Hopefully then, residing beyond the comfort of my home, I will experience more growth both politically and socially.

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