Internship Post #6

My entire internship has been a wonderful experience. An immense take away was experiencing first hand how slow the process is to pass a new city ordinance. I assumed that there was a collective unsaid consensus that taking charge to eliminate discrimination in all ways possible was good for the entire community. To my surprise, how people even view discrimination in Grand Rapids is varied. While some believe that the new ordinance was hopeless and discrimination would never come to an end, others deemed it as irrelevant because stating there it did not occur anymore. The new city ordinance composed is very specific defining the communities and situations it addresses however after several meetings with people who would be able to support it, it was condensed to a small extent and certain point of views were added and omitted.

I am very content and full of joy that I was part of a bigger movement and that on my journey I met new faces and acquired new ideas. This internship asserted my confidence that politics and government are my calling. The only conflict is deciding whether to apply to the PPE major (philosophy, politics, and economics) instead of obtaining a political science major and minoring in business and Spanish.

I know I will remain in touch with LINC UP and support their fascinating endeavors to build a more equitable society. I understand I have so much more to learn which is why I look forward to having the opportunity to continue interning in similar settings.

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