Is This What My Future Will Look Like? | #6

I can’t believe the summer is finally over and I will be returning to campus soon. My summer was full of laughs, stress, sun, exploration, and so much learning. I had the privilege of working with such sweet students and I also got to study abroad in Yucatan, Mexico. Both experiences taught me a lot about myself and gave me a glimpse into my future. Some day I hope to do some type of social work in communities of color which engages students to continue their education and explore the different career options that are available to them. The work I did this summer showed me that I definitely do not want to be a teacher but that I wouldn’t mind working in the education system. I also started to consider the idea of taking my work to another country and working with communities that I have never engaged with.

Although I got to learn a lot about the good things that come with working at a nonprofit, I also got to experience the not so great things too. I saw the real world of social work without all of the sugar coating and experienced those challenges myself. I think that seeing the things people forget to mention was very valuable because I am aware of those things now and I have also learned that the positive impact from the work can payoff for all of the negative things I will face in the social work field.

Once classes begin again I am confident that my summer experience will keep me looking to the future and push me to do my best this semester. I am going to be taking classes that are related to my internship and I think my experiences will also be very helpful when I am writing papers and completing assignments. Honestly I am so grateful that I was able to do my internship this summer and not have to worry about anything else. I have grown so much this past summer as a person, an educator, and a learner.

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