Looking Forward

Going into the field of research, regardless of the topic, takes patience.

This one study has taken almost a year and a half so far and the data analysis has just started. I was part of the Interaction Study from the very launch until the completion of participant recruitment. This journey took a lot of patience and time. There are parts of any research project that cause you to question the purpose and that you aren’t passionate about. However, you have to just power through because otherwise your time really was wasted.

Currently, I do not know if our results will be significant and am not ending this internship with even close to a publishable research paper. Although this is disappointing, it is okay because I will get there in time. You cannot rush the research process and expect quality results so you must be patient with both yourself and your work.

Perhaps this fall term we will finish the data analysis and I will be able to attend the SPSP conference in the spring.

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