Mentoring | #6

I could not be more thankful for the mentorship of my research supervisor this summer as well as all of the other employees at Merit Network. I have had the privilege of working at the company headquarters for the past two summers and it is indescribable how much I have learned. I came in as a brand-new freshman with little to no research or computer science experience, but that all changed in just less than two years. I now have a solid understanding of fundamental computer science concepts, what it is like to work in a corporate office setting, and how to work effectively with a research team. Moreover, this experience has led me to the decision to write an honors research thesis which I am very excited to pursue. However, I would also like to give back. As of this school year, I will be the last research intern at Merit Network; the rest will have graduated. My research supervisor is interested in hiring some new UROP research assistants this school year, who will need training and mentorship of their own. I hope I can provide that this school year just as I was welcomed to Merit Network two years ago. As what will likely be my last summer at Merit Network comes to a close, I want to give one more thank you to every one I’ve worked with. Your mentorship is greatly appreciated and will be long remembered.

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