My Summer in Ann Arbor outside of work! #5

As a student at the University of Michigan, I don’t always get time to explore the campus during the school year as I am usually really busy with studying and homework. I really enjoyed staying in Ann Arbor this summer while working at my internship in the Isom lab  as I really got to appreciate the beauty of Ann Arbor and all the activities that Ann Arbor has to offer during the summer.


Sometimes, when I would get back from work I would simply go for a walk or a bike ride around in Arbor and look at the different buildings and architecture. I especially like walking through the law quad and sitting in the grass and soaking up the scenery. I love going to little shops that I have never been  to before, especially Cherry Republic which is a broke college student’s heaven (lol), or grabbing a cocoa latte from Mighty Good.


There are a lot of  events in Ann Arbor over the summer that are great to check out. I really enjoyed the Ann Arbor Summer Festival as well as the Art Fair. I had a lot of fun just walking down the streets, listening to the  music, looking at the beautiful art, and talking with new people. I could not have picked a better place to spend my summer.


A couple of places that I recommend checking out as I frequent them a lot are:  Lucky’s Market, By the Pound, TeaHaus, Kerrytown, the Diag, Law Quad, and Moosejaw.

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