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It’s been a few weeks since I finished working with Girls Who Code but the classroom is still keeping in touch and continuing to code. Many of the girls have also decided to continue with GWC by joining a GWC club at their school. One of my students has decided to start a GWC club at her high school because her classmates wanted to learn how to code after hearing about her summer with us! Her high school doesn’t offer any computer science courses but she reached out to her math teacher so they could create it. The girls have also continued working on their web development skills by creating personal websites and another student just petitioned to create a web development club at her high school as well. Some of the girls also registered to take AP Computer Science at their schools or have picked up some programming books.

I’m excited that the girls continued to code after the program ended and have encouraged other people to learn how to code too! The representation gaps within technology can’t be closed if young people, from a variety of backgrounds and identities, aren’t introduced to computer science at an early age and supported by others already in the field. I hope that the summer was life-changing for my students whether or not they decide to become computer scientists, I hope that the teaching team, Girls Who Code, Autodesk, and all the other women in tech they met, left them empowered.

Personally, I learned a lot about my passions during this summer. As result of meeting some of the female engineers and inclusion advocates at Autodesk, I’ve decided to become more involved with DEI at Michigan. I joined a DEI-implementation research project a few weeks ago and I am excited to begin working! I also plan on joining a student advisory board so that I can share my experiences in order to shape programs and life at Michigan.


I’d like to thank Girls Who Code for letting me join the sisterhood again, Autodesk for providing us with an amazing classroom, as well as the LSA Opportunity Hub for the support!

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  • August 31, 2018 at 6:17 pm

    Thanks for sharing about the internship experience this summer! I want to acknowledge that with this post you’ve met the six blog requirement for the scholarship. I hope that you’ll have a chance to stop by the Hub this fall. We can chat about how you represent your experience on your resume, LinkedIn, or even in future interviews! Please let us know how we can be of help.

    Best of luck in your return to campus,


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