Reality Check

At the beginning of this summer, I was so excited about my internship and all of these opportunities that I romanticized what it would be like. I focused on my passion for the project that I had worked on for a year already and was finally going to be completed. I also imagined having a publishable paper by the end of this summer based on the data from the Interaction Study. This past week in particular has been reality check.

We are STILL recruiting participants, this was supposed to be wrapped up by now according to the timeline we had created for the summer. Dealing with this setback and my disappointment has been challenging. Instead of running participants and testing hormone levels, I am doing the same data collection work that I have been doing for the past year. It feels like I am stuck and I feel deterred. I also cannot seem to settle on a single, specific research question that I want to write about and answer with this project for my research paper.

On the bright side, all of the new Research Assistants are fun and kind. This makes them easy to talk to and therefore manage plus the lab space is always friendly. We are planning a few social events so we can all get to know each other better. This next one is going to have ice cream!

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