STEM conferences

Today I’m trying to pin down some details for a conference I’m attending in October in Oklahoma City. It’s the annual American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) national conference, and trying to secure funding to attend it made me realize a few weeks ago that I should write a guide to attending conferences for my STEM cohort in SuccessConnects.

Conferences are a big part of academic networking in STEM fields, and attending one–especially if you are presenting your research–is incredibly valuable. The guide I’ve written goes over why conferences are valuable, how to get the most out of the experience, a list of conferences, and how to find funding. Next I’m planning on making a guide to finding and performing research as an undergraduate to combine with this conference guide.


Class of 2020, Physics and Interdisciplinary Astronomy Co-Chair of the Native American Student Association Society of Physics Students Student Astronomical Society

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