Summer wrapup! #6


Now that I am wrapping up my internship in Ann Arbor, I wanted to take the time to reflect on my experience this summer. While this summer has been quite difficult due to certain health issues that I have mentioned in my previous blog posts, carpal tunnel and now cubital tunnel syndrome,  which has proved to be quite a big hindrance in both my personal and work-life–it has certainly been an enjoyable one.


Although I have to write these blogs with voice to text which has been quite annoying, and I have had to basically figure out alternative ways to do almost everything in my life to avoid pain and further stress and strain on my hands, I have also learned some new things this summer, made many new friends, and had many new experiences.


This summer, I have learned a lot in my internship working with my supervisors, Jim and Allie.  The great thing about my internship is that a lot of the things that I learned overlapped with things that I was studying  for with the MCAT. Therefore, I was able to solidify my knowledge for the MCAT as well.


The friendships that I have made this summer allowed me to  distress from work, life, and MCAT studying and make my summer  more enjoyable. Also, the friendships that I made at work allowed me to have a support system that was there to help me when things didn’t go right in the lab or in my life.


I am grateful for all of the people who have made this summer wonderful and I will cherish the memories that I have made!

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