#6 Final Reflection

Being home from my summer internship has given me time to reflect on my experience at ACTA and in D.C. Living on my own away from home allowed me to grow personally, and working in an office setting in D.C. helped me grow professionally. I was also able to make valuable connections. Most of all interning in Washington helped me to think realistically about my future. Working at a non-profit exposed me to the work and environment of one type of job. One of the aspects of my internship that I found I disliked was that my work didn’t directly interact with current politics. Thinking about the future I want to look more towards jobs that have a greater political focus. Getting a job in Washington seems to be the ultimate goal for many of my peers studying political science, interested in law, politics, and public policy. I do like D.C., but it is important to consider the type of environment a city is before living there. After living and working in Washington I feel better prepared to make decisions about which places are a best fit for me.

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