A Bittersweet Goodbye

Looking back on the six weeks of my internship at the Canadian International School, I feel a sense of bittersweetness. On one hand, I am incredibly proud of the students in my homeroom for their growth in the short span of time I taught them. On the other, I am sad I no longer see the staff and faculty and students at CIS. All in all, from the people I have met and worked with, to living abroad in a completely different culture than my own, I am thankful this internship allowed me to grow in ways I hadn’t before.

To begin, I had the opportunity to work under a great mentor and learn the importance of passion for one’s work. I worked under Tamara, the Contextual Learning coordinator at CIS. Her work ethic and passion to enrich the education of the students at CIS was truly inspiring to see. Planning and coordinating three weeks of field trips between three different grades involves a lot of logistics and attention to detail. It is incredibly difficult, but because of Tamara’s dedication to her work, the Contextual Learning program has been a success for many years now.

Through working alongside Tamara, I learned to adapt to a new work environment and take initiative. I also learned to work with ambiguity in instruction and take creative freedom. Before coming to India, I had never taught an entire classroom of children by myself before. The first week of teaching, I was still feeling a little bit anxious, but by the third week, I had adjusted to the situation.

This internship also helped prepare me by improving my ability to work with a variety of people. Us three interns all came from different backgrounds but together we could achieve something greater. We learned to divide up tasks based on each of our strengths to maximize productivity.

These six weeks are some of my most memorable weeks of this summer. The people, sights, and experiences of the Canadian International School and India all have a special place in my heart.



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