A Positive Impact on the Community

One of my favorite field trips I chaperoned was visiting the nonprofit organization, proVision Asia because of the impact it has on its community. proVision Asia is an organization dedicated to the providing of support and services to empower people with disabilities in the state of Karnataka.

Upon arriving, our group was led on a tour to meet the staff and team and take a look at the facility. As an able-bodied person, I’m privileged to be able to enter into any building that I need to without difficulty. However, not everyone has that option. I hadn’t really noticed that many of the buildings I visited in India were not built to be wheelchair accessible until the director of proVision Asia pointed it out on the tour.

On the second floor of the building, we saw some kids undergo their physical therapy treatment and checkups. Here, we also got to spend some time playing with the kids that attended the Mithra Special School. The school’s purpose is to bring independence to children with disabilities, in addition to social, physical, aesthetic, and spiritual growth. The Grade 8 students I was with really enjoyed playing ball with one of the boys there.

After spending the morning there talking to the staff, I left with so much appreciation for the work that proVision Asia and organizations like it. The work they do  is not easy but very much needed.


For those interested in learning more about the organization, here is the organization’s website.



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