And that’s a wrap! | #6

It’s Friday, August 31st and this will be my last entry of the summer! Today is my last day working for Keep Growing Detroit. I have finished my two final projects (digitizing my lesson plans from the summer and doing some data entry for the youth program), written thank you notes to my three primary supervisors, and said goodbye to a majority of the staff. It’s bittersweet, as I expected. With the fall semester starting up in just a few days, it’s been difficult for me to not rush ahead and think about the future. I’m thankful for this last opportunity to reflect on my internship, because it’s allowing me to stay in this moment a little while longer…

After my first internship with Keep Growing Detroit last fall, it did not become clear to me how I had grown/changed until much after the internship ended. I’m still discovering new ways that my work last fall changed my approach to tasks, my relationships with people, and my vision for my future. Even though I have some initial thoughts as to how this summer internship has affected me, I know that I likely won’t have a complete picture for weeks, months, or even years.

That said, if I had to name one way that I have grown over the course of this summer internship, I’d say that my work ethic has changed for the better. One of the differences between working at KGD and studying as a student on campus is that at KGD, I was often given a much shorter notice to complete a much larger task than I was used to. There was no time to procrastinate, and I often had to dive right into projects the moment I found out about them. I am hoping that I carry this approach to projects with me as I move back to campus and transition into student life again. It felt very rewarding to be able to set my mind to something and accomplish it in a timely manner, and I would like to practice this work ethic moving forward in my life.

Again, I believe that all of the ways in which I’ve grown this summer will become more apparent to me over time, especially as I re-enter the U of M campus and engage in classes and activities that were once very familiar to me. I feel thankful for the time I had at Keep Growing Detroit, and would not trade this experience for anything!

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