Asking Questions | #3

I think that something that I have been both struggling with but also enjoying is my independence at my internship. There is no one to check what time I’m coming in in the mornings, and leaving in the evenings, and no one who is watching over my shoulder to see if I’m on task all of the time. Even for big picture for the project, I’m deciding my own timeline, and calling all of the shots myself (though obviously running the bigger ones by my supervisor). While I definitely enjoy being trusted enough to do a good job and also having my own agency, I have found that something I need to work on is asking questions and taking the initiative to go to my supervisor whenever I’m unsure about something.

In the 3rd week, I was really concerned about my own progress at my internship. I thought about it all week, and was afraid that I hadn’t been doing enough research, and had been wasting my days just spending way too much time reading articles. Because the first phase of my project requires a lot of research, all of my time is just spent looking up articles and reading them, which for me takes a long time to get through, comprehend, and also form my own ideas that are relevant to my project. I went home and felt bad about it, and even talked about it to my friends and family, but didn’t think about checking in with my supervisor to see what she thought about my progress. As it turned out, we did a check in and she was really happy with where I was at in my project. I definitely learned a lesson about the importance of communication!

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