Beginning of Internship Reflection

This is my second summer working for SMG Strategies. I thought at the beginning that this summer would be a lot like last summer… and it was. However, there was so much more to learn! Not only have I grown into a role with greater responsibility and higher-level involvement, but this being the summer before an election, things are ramping up.

Every day I am thankful to be working as an intern for my boss, especially because I am learning so much. Now that I have some experience, I am able to notice things that I otherwise wouldn’t have, and have some insight into problems that the team faces. It definitely helps that my boss is constantly telling us to own our qualifications! And, I think she’s right. I have done a lot of hard work for her and I’ve been learning a lot. I think that I’ll be ready to do this full time when I graduate in the spring.

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