Blog #6: Last Blog

Coming into the internship, I had an idea of what the internship would be like because of my interaction with the PILOT interns from the previous summer. This turned out to be both helpful and limiting. The way that Part One BHP was created and ran for Generation VI turned out to be drastically different from Generation VII’s Part One for one reason: collaboration. This summer, PILOT partnered and collaborated with the Office of Enrollment Management. Because of this, we had to adapt and change our way of planning the Big House Program into a more open and collaborative mindset. It was truly a growing experience and I wish that I would have come into the internship with a little more mental flexibility on the way that planning BHP would go. However, because of this experience I feel that I’ve gained a valuable skill of strategic critical thinking, as well as a more broadened mindset when it comes to planning outreach programs. For next year’s interns, I recommend that they try to stay open and flexible to they route that BHP planning may take and to, no matter what, be afraid to speak up in the meetings.

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