Blog Post #1 The Start Of Something New

In the past I have always been sort of fearful to seek out an internship, because I never found a space that seems to fit me and my interest well enough to stay engaged. The thing that attracted me to this internship in particular is that the owner of this company, is a black woman from Detroit with similar beginnings that I have. I was excited that this company is still a relatively small start with relatively large following in Detroit, because this is an opportunity where we can learn together and she would be willing to listen to my impact. The owner of Brooklyn Body Butter also has friends that are entrepreneurs and often collaborate with her for business ventures. I feel like this opportunity was a perfect fit for me because I got to work under someone who not only looked like me, but someone who could introduce me to other black women that had took their success into their own hands. Seeing women successfully break into a field is inspiring making this the perfect internship for me pursue.

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