Blog Post #2: First Things First


Day 3 into the internship. I have been doing my best to remember the names and faces of the 17 youth I am leading. We’ve only met once so far, though they have already made a strong impact on me. My experience here, similar to my positions in the Arab Student Association, has got me to appreciate that I am guiding a group of people with the experiences I have had. We spent our first day getting to know each other and covering the expectations and a “syllabus” of what their time with me will look like: brief introductions into carbohydrates, lipids/fats, protein, metabolism, exercise, dopamine and anxiety/depression. It’s a packed schedule but I am just as determined to teach my understanding of these subjects as much as the youth seem interested! I hope to guide them through the reasons that got me interested in health and medicine, and how they can grow on their interests from a young age. So far, so good.

Guiding the youth makes me wonder about myself, though. As much as I do truly enjoy diving deep into medicine and its uses, sometimes I believe I could enjoy being a professor and doing research just as much. It’s up in the air, where my career could take me, perhaps I could pursue both? Academic medicine has always been intriguing. With only a year left of college, it seems like I will have done much thinking by the time I reach graduation.

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