Blog Post #3: Mentorship?


If there is anything I have particularly enjoyed the most from this internship so far, it is the mentorship role that is expected of me. It seems like the lesser-expected role for someone who teaches, but it makes sense. When I get asked questions like providing more information on simple carbohydrates and how processed foods have been linked to higher fat content (re: lipids),  it challenges me to understand the information I am teaching even more than usual. What gets me more is when I would get asked questions on expectations of college and how to plan for success in school. I often forget just how much we learn in college and how rewarding it feels to provide information that I did not receive when I entered college to the youth.

Getting to know the individual members over the past two weeks has been a pleasure and I am looking forward to getting to know more about them and their aspirations! With only about a month and some left with them, I am intending to use the time we have together to make sure that they leave this course understanding how an appreciation of mental, physical and nutritional health can be utilized to create the best versions of themselves in their own journeys through life.

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