Blog Post #5: Reaching the End



Officially the last day I will get to spend with my students. What six weeks can do to change a perspective is astounding. In my time so far, I have been reminded of my behavior as a high schooler and how I have progressed to my college senior year. Relationships have matured, knowledge has been gained, and milestones have been made. Had I been told at the beginning of college that at this point I would be in the roles I have taken in my extracurriculars, internships, and in the classroom, I would not have believed it. Developing my knowledge on health and medicine as I have progressed through college and reaching a point where I am carrying the foundational knowledge over to the younger generation has led me to a sense of purpose in my career in health care.


I’m hoping to keep in touch with the team; the students have all been amazing and I hope that they have learned from the experience as much as I have. Through this internship it seems that I have made connections to people who I will not only be influencing during my time with them, but hopefully with further mentorship as they get ready to start college soon. It has been a wonderful experience this summer and I am glad that I have been able to be in this position.

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