Blog Post #6: Looking Back



Overall, It has been an amazing experience. I appreciate that I have been given an opportunity to educate my home community’s youth while strengthening my own knowledge in material that I hope to be able to use in my career. With each day that passed, my belief that medicine is the right path for me strengthened harder and harder. Through this internship I have honed my skills in team communication, education, and an appreciation for being aware of interpersonal relationships. My own passion and motivation behind my pursuits have been heightened, as I have experienced the “real-world” application of the education I have received. With only so little time left to prepare for post-graduation, I am truly glad I have found this opportunity to explore my interests in healthcare and how to implement research-backed studies in the communities that need them. As I progress through my career, I intend to continue expanding on the leadership and mentorship experiences I have found in this program. To ACCESS, I am thankful for the opportunity, and to LSA Opp Hub I am thankful for the funding it provided.

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