Blog 6: Saying Goodbye

My time in Tokyo is rapidly coming to an end, and it’s definitely a bittersweet feeling. A part of me is excited to return back hoMe, but another part of me feels as though I haven’t explored enough of Tokyo to leave feeling satisfied.

The other week, I had gone to my first soccer game ever. I went with a few fellow interns to cheer on the Tokyo FC soccer team – when I saw someone wearing an University of Michigan shirt. I was so surprised as I hadn’t seen any fellow wolverines so far in Japan. While everyone else was dressed from head to toe in Tokyo FC apparel and swag, this woman was wearing a Michigan shirt.

I quickly yelled, “Go blue!” She looked just as surprised as I had been when she turned to face me, and flashed a quick smile before she ran to catch up with her children who were running away.

It was an amazing feeling getting to run into someone who had also once called Ann Arbor their home.

A feeling that isn’t as amazing, is having to say goodbye to all the incredible people I’ve met this past summer. With interns from Canada, the United States, and England – it’ll almost be impossible to get everyone together again. It’s a weird feeling knowing that the friends I’ve made that I’ve lived, worked, and explored with will all be going to live their individual lives all around the world.

I am so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to be able to come all the way to Japan and teach students about topics that I am passionate about. Having chosen to study a lot of these topics at UMich, it felt rewarding to get to use the knowledge that I was able to gain and pass that onto students halfway around the world.

Thank you, Opportunity Hub – for allowing me to be a part of this amazing experience. It will forever be a summer that I will remember fondly.

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